10 interesting but not very useful apps

Nothing better to do? Let’s try some apps!

  1. The BS Generator – Generates Bullshit texts that looks like they mean something clever (iOS)
  2. Cry Translator – Figure out what your baby needs by translating your baby’s cries (iOS)
  3. Fix a fight – Guides you through steps to help you and your partner make quality repairs to relationship wounds (iOS)
  4. Daily Water – Track the quantity of water you drink and remind you to drink water (iOS)
  5. Is it dark outside? – Informs you whether or not it’s dark outside in your current location (iOS, Android)

  6. Taxi Hold’em – Flashes the word “TAXI” on your screen to get cab drivers’ attention (iOS)

  7. Virtual cigarette smoking – Install on your phone and show your friends how you smoke a virtual cigarette (Android)

  8. Send Me To Heaven (S.M.T.H.) – Challenges you to toss your phone in the air as high as possible (Android)
  9. Yo – You have a list of your friends, you tap them, their phone shouts “Yo”. (iOS, Android)
  10. iBeer – Drink beer on your iPhone (iOS, Android)

Photo by Gilles Lambert (https://unsplash.com/@gilleslambert)

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