10 websites to learn how to code

Want to learn how to code? Here a list that will help

Photo by Crew https://unsplash.com/@crew
  1. BaseRails - Learn Ruby on Rails and other web technologies.
  2. Code.org - Learn with easy tutorials. (free)
  3. CodeCombat– Learn coding while playing a game.
  4. Codecademy - Learn to code interactively. (free)

  5. Code School - Learn many code languages with exercises (free).
  6. Free Code Camp   – Learn to code and build projects for nonprofits (free)
  7. Treehouse -  Learn how to build websites and create iPhone, Android and web apps
  8. Platzi - Livestreamed classes on programming, design, business and marketing

  9. Thinkful - Learn to code with 1-on-1 mentorship

  10. Udacity —  Online courses in many topics from beginner to Self-Driving Cars (free)


Photo by Crew


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