10 tools to help you learn a new language 

Learn a new language with this helpful list

Photo by Jens Kreuter
  1. Babbel – Learn with audio, text and pronunciation recognition
  2. Duolingo – Learn with audio, text and pronunciation recognition, it has a game style (free)
  3. Bliu Bliu – you learn by using live language texts (Free)
  4. Lingvist –  Learn a language in 200 hours.
  5. Busuu – Courses with learning games, short lessons, native speakers interaction… (Freemium).
  6. Memrise – Use flashcards to learn new vocabulary (Free)
  7. Radio-Lingua – Learn languages using a podcast format (Freemium)
  8. Fluenz – Learn by phrases and everyday language
  9. Obenkyo – Learn Japanese, study hiragana, katakana, kanji and particles (Free)
  10. Word Bucket – Personalised vocabulary learning for language students (Free)


Photo by Jens Kreuter


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