10 Websites useful for job hunters

Looking for jobs lately?

Photo by Blake Wisz (https://unsplash.com/@blakewisz)
  1. LinkedIn (Web & App) – The largest professional social networking site
  2. LinkedIn Job Search (App) – LinkedIn job app, where you can search for jobs and create alerts
  3. Switch (App) -Apply or decline for jobs in a swipe just like Tinder
  4. Glassdoor Job Search – The job search app from Glassdoor  which calls itself the Tripadvisor of career sources
  5. Internships.com – Largest Internship marketplace
  6. Stack Overflow Jobs – (IT jobs)
  7. CareerBuilder – One of the biggest online job boards
  8. Freelance.com – Plataform for freelance jobs
  9. Pocket Resume (App) – allows you to create, maintain, and email your resume from an Apple device
  10. KickResume – simple, easy-to-use resume maker with templates (Freemium)


Photo by Blake Wisz


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