10 awesome websites to find background music for your videos

Find great background music for your Youtube videos

Free Music Archive – Free Music Archive lets you search by the type of Creative Commons license you’re willing to work with, or you can filter out only background music in the public domain.

GerryMusic – Gerry Music offers free background music for personal use with Creative Commons attribution.

Incompetech – Incompetech offers background music with different styles like jazz, rock, classics, macabre and more and tracks are available free of charge with proper attribution.

Internet Archives NetLabels – Internet Archives NetLabels offers tracks produced by independent virtual record labels.

TuneTrack – TuneTrack Commercial is a collection of royalty-free tracks with one-time license fees.

Opsound – Opsound offers free to use the music for any purpose, but commercial users should request permission from the creator.

BeatPick – BeatPick allows you to license a song indicating what you’re using it for, which dictates the cost of the license.

Jamendo – Jamendo offers different tracks for different types of video ads, including Facebook, YouTube, radio and TV.

MagnaTune – MagnaTune works directly with artists and states that 50% of the license fee goes directly to the music’s creator.

IMATunes – The German IMATunes offers royalty free tracks without costs “now and in the future”.

Source: Larry Kim

Photo by Jakob Owens


17 major US companies founded by immigrants

Co-founded by Sergey Brin – Russia

Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company
Founded by Elon Musk – South Africa

Co-founded by Jerry Yang – Taiwan

Co-founded by Eduardo Saverin – Brazil

Founded by Pierre Morad Omidyar – France

General Dynamics
Founded by John Philip Holland – Ireland

Founded by Alexander Graham Bell – Scotland

Co-founded by Andrew Grove – Hungary

Founded by Maxwell Kohl – Poland

Huffington Post
Founded by Arianna Huffington – Greece

Founded by Charles Pfizer – Germany

Panda Express
Founded by Andrew Cherng & Peggy Cherng – Myanmar

Founded by James L. Kraft – Canada

Capital One
Founded by Nigel Morris – England

Founded by Hamdi Ulukaya – Turkey


Source: The “New American” Fortune 500

Photo by Luca Bravo

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