The 5 best fitness apps in 2016 according to Men’s Health

Want to change to a fitness life style?

Photo by Curtis Mac Newton (
  1. Microsoft Health –  The pre-progamming feature allows the user to build a workout beforehand which will then feed into the user’s phone for live prompts, also includes 24/7 heart rate analysis, sleep tracking, cardio GPS and Golf tracking
  2. myfitnesspal – Has an unrivalled food database to browse to make sure your meals are accurately recorded
  3. Strava – Compatible with over 25 different activity-tracking devices, Strava allows users from a huge variety of sports and activities to compare data and analyze their results
  4. Freeletics – With the Body Weight training, Gym and nutrition plans, they offer great options for who loves fitness or it is just starting
  5. Endomondo – Can track over 50 different exercises and provide real-time audio feedback on your efforts to spur you on

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